First Sight Keepsake

Elective 3D/4D ultrasounds

Expecting a baby is such an exciting time for you, your family and friends.  First Sight Keepsake is an elective 3D/4D ultrasound package that allows you to save precious memories of your baby.  Women between their 24th and 32nd weeks of pregnancy are welcome to schedule an appointment for either a Sneak Peek or Full Peek.  You do not need to be a patient at LPWC, but you do need to be seeing a doctor/midwife for prenatal care.

Our registered sonographer will use her years of experience to make every attempt to get a great image of your precious baby. However, please understand that babies do not always cooperate. Drink plenty of water throughout the several days prior to your appointment. About 30 minutes before your visit try to drink fruit juice to help wake your baby (unless you are told not to by your physician).



What is an elective prenatal ultrasound? It is a 3D or 4D ultrasound that provides a positive bonding experience for family members with the unborn baby. It is not diagnostic, it is a way to get precious keepsake images of your baby.

Does this take place of an ultrasound as part of my prenatal care? Absolutely not. Medical, diagnostic ultrasounds ordered by your provider are still absolutely necessary.

Do I need a provider referral? No, You do not need a referral but we do require that you are receiving prenatal care through a doctor/midwife.

Can I bring family and friends? Yes! We encourage that. It is an exciting day, one that you should share with friends and family.

When can I have a First Sight Keepsake visit? We recommend that this bonding moment occurs between 24 – 32 weeks of your pregnancy.

Do I need to be a patient at LPWC? No, we will gladly create keepsakes for any women in the region.


Sneak Peak Package:

$99 for a 10 minute session.  Includes 1 printed photo and a personal, secure link to 2 images and a 1 minute video.


Full Peek Package:

$129 for a 15 minute session.  Includes a framed photo and a personal, secure link to 4 images and a 5 minute video.


We offer a 10% discount to first responders, military and veterans and their spouses.